Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Moderating Comments

 Hello crafting friends.  Crafty Gals Corner Challenge Blog is being bombarded with spam comments, from porn to purchasing fake driver's licenses and pretty much everything in between.  We are getting over 100 of these comments in just one day.  At first they were comments with links to these unsavoury websites, but the comments are now coming with very explicit photos.  
In view of this, I've turned on comment moderation for our blog so that I get a chance to approve the comments.  I'm sorry because I know that this is a pain, but having these comments is even worse.  I'll take the moderation off in a few weeks and see if they go away.  Until then, please bear with us and do come play along by joining our challenges. 

Crafty hugs,
DT Coordinator


  1. Oh my, what a nightmare. I hope this gets rid of the spammers. Best wishes!

  2. Isn't it awful, these people think this is fun? I hope all goes well with deleting them.

  3. Sad commentary on life at the moment, You do a great job.

  4. That's the exact reason that I have moderation on my comments. I still get a few come through but am now able to delete them instead of them appearing on my blog. Unfortunately there are a few people out there with nothing better to do.

  5. Honestly you are better off just leaving comment moderation on. This is happening in Facebook groups too. They won't stop

  6. That's terrible and hope they go away soon, these people want to get a life and leave blogs alone xx